Information for Parents

If you're new to scouting, or your child is moving from one section to another, you may find some of the following information helpful

Information for Parents

How do I know what’s going on?

The most important communication channel between the scout group and parents is Online Scout Manager (OSM).  OSM is where you can see details of upcoming meetings, sign your child up for camps and events, answer calls for parent volunteer helpers, track your child’s badge progress, and make payments for camps an events.  Access to OSM is protected by secure passwords; you will be given a login when your child joins the group.

The website you’re looking at now is our public face, open to anyone.  Here you can read about how the group as a whole works, see news about what our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers have been up to, and find general information about forthcoming events.

Section leaders will often communicate with parents by email.  Each section also has a WhatsApp chat group, organised by a parent representative, where you can see helpful reminders, get questions answered and make arrangements for sharing transport, etc.

Uniform and Badges

Young people love earning new badges!  Their parents, perhaps, are not always as keen, as there is sewing or sticking to be done.  But where are the badges supposed to go?  Below, for each section, are links to the official uniform requirements and badge placement guidance on the Scout Association website.  If a link doesn’t work, please send an email to our webmaster to let us know.

Beavers uniform and badge placement

Cubs uniform and badge placement

Scouts uniform and badge placement

Explorers uniform and badge placement

As well as the smart uniform with all the badges, our young people are issued with a “scruff kit”, consisting of a T-shirt and sweatshirt with the 1st Weston Green scouts logo.  These are bright red to match our scarves and make our young people easy to spot when out in the wild.

Moving Up

Young people move up from one section to the next, usually at the start of a new term, soon after they pass a certain age – 8 years from Beavers to Cubs, 10.5 years from Cubs to Scouts, and 14 years from Scouts to Explorers.  Before this happens, they may be invited to attend one or two trial meetings, to get to know how the new section works.

Beavers moving to Cubs will continue to wear their Beavers uniforms for their first few Cubs meetings, but will need to have a new Cubs uniform for their investiture, which will happen after a few weeks.  The same applies for the other moving up transitions.  Some of the badges your young person is given in Beavers can be transferred to their Cubs uniform and so on.  These include the badges that identify them as a member of the Surrey scouting county and of 1st Weston Green scout group.  Also any joining in badges (small square ones) and staged activity badges (the round blue ones) follow the young person up through the sections and can be transferred to their new uniform.  Some badges (challenge badges and activity badges) are specific to a section.  They can be transferred to a camp blanket.

Camp Blankets

A camp blanket is so much more than just something to keep you warm on a chilly evening.  Usually a plain, grey wool or fleece blanket with a neck hole cut in the middle so it can be worn like a poncho, a camp blanket is where all a scout’s badges end up once they are no longer needed on your uniform.  So as your child move up through scouts, their camp blanket becomes a living history of their scouting journey.  Every badge they are ever awarded will eventually end up on their camp blanket, along with other souvenir badges that they will collect from camps, trips and from your travels with scouts.  With time, their camp blanket will become something to be worn with pride whenever they gather with other scouts around a campfire.  Some of our leaders and parents have camp blankets festooned with hundreds of badges that go all the way back to when they joined their first scout group as a young child.

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