Fast Track Scheme

At any time, we have between 50 and 100 young people on our waiting list to join the group, but the group operates entirely through the efforts of volunteers and we are always looking to recruit adult helpers.  Because of this we offer the possibility of letting a child join the group more quickly, in return for a meaningful commitment of time and effort from one or both of their parents.
The types of roles we have in mind are described below.  All roles would require you to devote some of your time to the group every week during term times (for example helping at Cubs meetings every week) and sometimes at weekends and during holiday too (helping at camps and other events).  To justify giving your child a place in the group, while others have to wait, we would expect you to provide this level of assistance to the group for at least two years.

This may sound like a big commitment, but scouting is something that people of all ages can enjoy.  If you join the team of adult volunteers who help our leaders run our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer sections, or who do important work in the background, you will sometimes work hard, but we also have fun together.  You can also gain the deep satisfaction of knowing that you are helping – directly or indirectly – young people in our local community to learn new skills for life and grow in confidence.

If you can give us your time and enthusiasm, we will ensure that you are given all the training and support that you need to make your scouting journey a success.

Section Assistant

Most parents whose children join the group through the fast track scheme become a Section Assistant.  In this role, you assist the Section Leaders to deliver their program of activities and events to young people in one of our Sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers).  This may be a different section to the one that your child joins.  You will be involved in running games and activities as part of our weekly Section meetings, assisting young people to achieve badges and awards, helping at camps and off-site events, and generally helping your Section and the whole Group to take part in a varied, safe and exciting programme of events.

As a Section Assistant, you will wear a uniform and be given training about how scouting works, how to work safely with young people and the basic skills needed for your role.  If you find you enjoy the fun, challenge and adventure of helping young people in this way, you can continue your scouting journey and training, to become an Assistant Leader or even a full Section Leader role.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!


We need equipment to run an exciting programme for our young people.  And we need people to look after everything from tents and camp kitchens to games equipment.  Our Quartermaster deals with the day-to-day upkeep, repair and booking in and out of equipment from our stores, to ensure it is looked after and available when it is needed.  As Quartermaster, or as part of a role-sharing team, you will work closely with our Section Leaders (who are the main users of our equipment) and with the Group Treasurer, who is responsible for purchasing and insurance of our equipment.  You will operate booking arrangements for equipment, help with and control the issuing and return of equipment, check its condition, maintain it, and advise the Treasurer on the need for repairs or replacement.

Transport Manager

1st Weston Green scout group owns two minibuses and a trailer, which it uses to transport young people and equipment to camps and events.  As Transport Manager, you will look after the vehicles, ensuring that they are properly registered, licensed, taxed, tested and serviced.  You will deal with routine maintenance and check the vehicles after they have been used to ensure they are still in safe condition.  You will work closely with our Section Leaders, who are the main users of our vehicles, and with the Group Treasurer, who is responsible for insuring the vehicles and authorising any expenditure on repairs or replacements.

Webmaster and Communications Manager

The group needs to be able to communicate effectively, at all levels, with parents, young people, the media, the public and members of our local community.  As our Webmaster and Communications Manager, you will maintain and develop our website, ensuring it remains as informative, useful and up to date as possible.  More generally, you will work to maintain and improve the profile and image of 1st Weston Green Scout Group in the local community and at large, and to support and improve communications among the Group’s Leaders, young people and parents.  You will work closely with our Section Leaders and our Executive Committee, who are among the most important providers and consumers of information.  You will also liaise with the Scout Association to ensure our website and any materials we produce promote the fun, challenge and adventure of scouting and follow brand guidelines.

Let us know if you can help

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