Expenses Policy

Our expenses policy is designed to ensure that any major outgoings are pre-approved by the trustees and officers of the charity, that anyone incurring expenses on behalf of the group is promptly repaid, and that all expenses are correctly documented and accurately represented in our financial reporting.

Incurring and Claiming Expenses

If you are a parent, and need to reclaim expenses incurred on behalf of the group, please fill out the Expenses Claim Form and submit it to the section leader on whose behalf you incurred expenses.  They will then confirm that the expenses are valid and send the claim on to the treasurer for payment.

If you are a leader or trustee, any expenses below £300, incurred in the normal running of the group’s activities, should be claimed by filling out the Expenses Claim Form and submitting it, with copies of receipts or other evidence, by email to the treasurer and chair.  Please ensure all expenses are claimed within three months.

If you plan to spend more than £300 on any single item, or group of related items, you should seek approval in advance from the executive committee.  Email the treasurer and chair, giving as much notice as possible of the planned expenditure.  In most such cases, the group will be able to make payment directly, and leaders should not need to pay for and then reclaim expenses.

Expenses Documents

The full text of our expenses policy can be found here:  Expenses Policy

An Excel form for making expenses claims can be found here:  Expenses Claim Form

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