Our Team

Like all scout groups, 1st Weston Green is run entirely by volunteers.  The most important adult volunteers are our teams of uniformed leaders, headed up by our Group Lead Volunteer.  We are a registered charity and we have a board of trustees, which looks after the group's finances and equipment.  Several parents and carers also help out in informal administrative roles.  You can find out who we are below.

Our Team

Group Leadership Team

Nick Fisk is our Group Lead Volunteer, responsible for managing the scout group and its teams of adult volunteers.  Nick has been involved with the group since he joined 1st Weston Green as a scout over 30 years ago.  In over 20 years as a leader, he has held several key roles in the group, and currently leads our scout section team, as well as being our overall lead volunteer.

Nick works with the team leaders of each section to make sure the scout group as a whole runs smoothly, and to support our adult volunteers in gaining the skills they need.

Beavers Section Team

Neil Beardmore, known to the Beavers as Badger, is our Beaver team leader.  Neil was part of the Beavers team for several years, before becoming leader in early 2023.  As well as leading the Beaver section, Neil participates in activities across all the sections, and has recently become qualified to lead air rifle shooting activities.

Other adult volunteer team members at Beavers are Angus Macpherson (Mole), Noleen McDonnell (Ratty), Lucy Morphet (Hedgehog) and Georgina Palmer (Toad).  The team also includes some young people from our Explorers section, who are participating in the scouts Young Leaders scheme.  We also operate a weekly rota of parent helpers.

Together, this team plans and delivers a great programme of activities and events for our 6 to 8-year-olds, creates a welcoming atmosphere for young people and adult volunteers alike, and ensures a safe environment with a high ratio of adults to young people.

Cubs Section Team

Our Cubs section team leaders are Sam Holmes and George Burton.  Together with some 14-18 year-old Young Leaders from our Explorer section, they develop and deliver our programme of exciting events and activities for 8 to 10-year-olds. We also ask parents to help out at our weekly meetings, particularly when the Cubs are engaged in off-site activities.

Scouts Section Leaders

Nick Fisk leads our team of adult volunteers for the 10 to 14-year-olds in the Scout section.  He holds a Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service, awarded in 2012. Working with Nick to plan and deliver our weekly meetings, events and excursions are Rob Williams and Malcolm Wood.

Many parents provide occasional extra help when needed on bike rides, hikes and camps.

Explorer Scouts Section Leaders

Explorer Scout units are often operated at District level, but, like most scout groups in Esher District, we have our own Explorer unit.  The explorer program is planned and run jointly with 1st Oxshott’s explorer group.  The Explorer Scouts themselves play a significant role in planning their own meetings and events.  Kirstie Wood is our Explorer team leader, along with Jen Williams and others from Oxshott.

Most of our explorer scouts are enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, which is in part coordinated by the Dragon scout and DofE group, a joint venture between five of the Esher District scout groups.

Trustee Board

The Trustee Board is a team of volunteers who work together to make sure Scouts is run safely and legally.

Nigel Harris is our group chairman.

Andy Panayides is our group treasurer.

Hannah Yeomanson is our group secretary.

Nick Fisk (Group Lead Volunteer and Scout team leader), Kirstie Wood (Explorer Scout team leader), and Sam Holmes (Cubs team leader) are trustees of the charity and sit on the trustee board, in addition to their roles as uniformed leaders.

Emma Harris, Felix Jackson, and John Coghlan are trustees, who are also parents of young people in various sections.

Other Adult Volunteers

The group is extremely grateful to have several parents and other adult volunteers who kindly offer their time to help with administrative tasks such as maintaining our waiting list, badge record keeping, activity planning and camp organisation, looking after our equipment and vehicles.  Other parents help by managing communication between parents, keeping everyone informed and arranging car sharing etc. through WhatsApp groups, or by compiling news reports for our website.

Beth Beardmore handles the administration of badges for the Beavers section.

Emma Harris is our membership secretary.  She also manages parent communications and handles badge administration for the Scout section and badge procurement for the whole group.

Nigel Harris organises and runs our annual Christmas tree collection.

Laura Mathew handles the administration of badges for the Cubs section.

Lauren Manning-Brown coordinates parent involvement in our annual Christmas tree collection.

Charlotte McCabe is our vehicle bookings manager.

Laura Mathew handles the administration of badges for the Cubs section.

Lisa Pugh helps to maintain our website, posting news stories from all sections.

Tom Pugh ensures our vehicles are taxed, insured, tested and serviced.

We’re always looking for more help, so if you want to help the group maximise its hugely positive impact on its young members, let us know.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls