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Summer Camp 2018

posted 26 Sep 2018, 06:11 by Carole Needham

Was Essex ready for us?  Were we ready for Essex?  I think so!  So much to do and so little time...

Summer Camp 2017

posted 26 Nov 2017, 02:59 by Carole Needham

This was truly a watery camp, from the heavens or from the sea.  We didn't mind, we were having such fun!

Scoutabout 2017

posted 3 Sep 2017, 06:35 by Carole Needham   [ updated 3 Sep 2017, 06:36 ]

What is Scoutabout? Scoutabout is an extraordinary event that only happens once every three years - 5,000 Scouts and Guides aged between 10 and 14 from all over Surrey participating in a weekend of fun, learning and activities.  Our Scouts went along and had a whale of a time!

Fire & Ice Camp 2016

posted 24 Jan 2016, 13:20 by Carole Needham   [ updated 15 May 2017, 12:07 ]

Well, it lived up to its name again.  The Scouts had a chilly but fantastic time at Tolmers camp site in Cuffley, no fridge needed.

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