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Buddhist Temple 2018

posted 5 Jun 2018, 00:59 by Carole Needham

The Cubs were welcomed into the Buddhist Temple in Long Ditton with open arms.  A very peaceful and calming place, where the Elders taught us about the learnings of Buddhism.

Buddhist Temple 2018

Space Camp 2018

posted 1 Jun 2018, 03:25 by Carole Needham

I never knew there was so much mud on the moon!  Our Space Camp was a blast, have a look!

WNA 2018

Movie Night Sleepover 2017

posted 29 Mar 2018, 07:58 by Carole Needham

Our movie night sleepover is always popular, camping... but indoors!

RNLI Visit with the Beavers

posted 14 Mar 2018, 09:16 by Carole Needham


Our joint visit with the Beavers to the RNLI station in Teddington was fantastic!  The best bit?  All of it!

Sixer Seconder Camp 2017

posted 25 Feb 2018, 08:59 by Carole Needham   [ updated 25 Feb 2018, 09:02 ]

This survival camp is only for the fittest!  Our intrepid Sixers and Seconders got stuck in and survived using their Cub Skills for a whole weekend in October.

District Cub Camp 2017

posted 13 Aug 2017, 03:50 by Carole Needham

Our medieval mid-summer cub camp was a magnificent affair.  The King and Queen graced us with their presence, as did the sun.  Have a look!

Brooklands Museum 2017

posted 3 Jun 2017, 15:52 by Carole Needham

As part of their Air Activities badge, the Cubs visited Brooklands Museum in Weybridge.  What a fantastic time we had!  "Flying" on Concorde and "racing" in Lewis Hamilton's car were a few of the things that we got up to, have a look.

Day Hike 2017

posted 3 Jun 2017, 14:23 by Carole Needham

We came out in force for the District Day Hike with great success as we romped home in record time.  A lovely day enjoyed by both Cubs and parents.

Winter Nights Away 2017

posted 3 Jun 2017, 04:02 by Carole Needham

It was motoring mayhem and madness at our Winter camp.  Look out Lewis Hamilton!  We're hot on your heels.

Movie Night Sleepover 2017

posted 3 Jun 2017, 02:22 by Carole Needham

Do you fancy Chinese tonight?  Our annual sleepover celebrated Chinese New Year in style

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