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Cubs is on this Thursday 5th February

Despite the poor weather that we experienced this week it looks as if things will be back to normal on Thursday evening.

So Cubs will be on as usual, if the weather changes an email will be sent advising.

We will be doing activities towards the Cub Scout Global Challenge Badge.

  1. Find out about the traditions, culture, food, religion and other interesting things of a country different from their own.

  2. Find out about the work of an international charity that helps around the world, for example, OXFAM, UNICEF. Present their findings to the rest of the Pack.

  3. Find out about an aspect of international Scouting. They could take part in a 'Join In Jamboree' activity, or arrange a visit from a Jamboree participant. Or, they could find out about Scouting in a country of their choice.

  4. Find out about things that can be recycled or how energy can be saved. Over a period of weeks show how they have recycled or saved energy at home.

  5. Find out about a global issue such as poverty, conservation or water and sanitation and what they can do to help.

  6. Find out about a technology of their choice. This could be a personal computer, a car engine, an aircraft or anything similar. They should understand the basic functions of the technology and how it is used and a brief history. They should then present your findings to the rest of the Pack.