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Cub Pack News

Welcome to Baloo!

posted 28 Jul 2019, 06:59 by Carole Needham

A very warm welcome to Baloo, our new Assistant Leader, who joined us in the Summer

Welcome Bagheera!

posted 13 May 2019, 12:30 by Carole Needham

A very warm welcome to our new helper, Bagheera who joins us along with her son from a pack in Kingston.

Cub of the Camp 2018

posted 14 Oct 2018, 05:25 by Carole Needham

We are pleased to announce that Thomas Simmonds was our unanimous choice for the Cub of the Camp trophy this year.  His cheerfulness and enthusiasm at having a go at everything on offer didn't go un-noticed.  Congratulations!

Cub of the Camp 2017

posted 16 Aug 2017, 06:11 by Carole Needham   [ updated 16 Aug 2017, 06:13 ]

William Wheeler was astounded when he was awarded this but not so the Camp Leaders.  He was helpful and enthusiastic, throwing himself into all the activities with gusto (even the dreaded washing up).  He gets to keep the trophy for a whole year.

J E Matthews Award 2017

posted 15 Aug 2017, 08:32 by Carole Needham   [ updated 15 Aug 2017, 08:34 ]

This year, it was the Leaders' unanimous decision that the award would go to Max Stuttard.  Despite not being in Cubs for long, he is keen to show the younger Cubs the ropes and gives encouragement all the way.  Well done Max!

Cub of the Camp 2016

posted 26 Aug 2016, 06:44 by Carole Needham

This year the award goes to Matthew Jonkergouw, who listened to all the instructions given to him and carried out all the task that were given to him and his team (even when there was something better going on).  Matthew gets to keep the trophy for a year giving it pride of place in his room.

J E Matthews Award winner

posted 26 Aug 2016, 06:40 by Carole Needham

This year's very worthy winner is Maddie Craig; her enthusiasm and never ending willingness to help everyone marked her out as the Cub to win it

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