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St.Georges Day Parade

posted 23 Mar 2009, 03:23 by Unknown user   [ updated 29 Aug 2009, 22:27 ]
The 2009 St.Georges Day Parade will be in Molesey on the Sunday 26th April 2009.
2.00pm meet on the green by Molesey Library.
2.20/2.30pm Form up and parade to St Paul’s Church..
3.00pm Church service.
3.30/45 form up and parade back to start.
Members to be collected 3.45/4.00pm from the green.

1) St George was born in Nicomedia in modern day Turkey
2) His father was a Capadoccian Roman soldier and his mother a Palestinian
3) George was a Roman Soldier whose soldier father had impressed emperor Diocletian. The emperor helped George become a soldier.
4) Diocletian persecuted Christians and decreed Christian soldiers be arrested. He gave George the option to recant, and offered many bribes, but George refused.
5) Diocletian had no option but to have George executed. George was tortured with swords and decapitated. He died 23rd April 303 AD.
6) The martyr George died and was buried in Lydda, Palestine
7) The myth of "George and the Dragon" was popularised during the crusades. George's lance was called Ascalon.
8) George was canonised by Pope Gelasius in 494
9) King Edward III (reigned 1327 – 1377) made St George the 'patron saint' of England in place of St Edmund
10) The Synod of Oxford declared St George's day a feast day in England in 1222

St.George Patron Saint of the Scouts and Dragon Slayer